The Cryptex Index Tracker automatically trades your assets across various exchanges, so that your overall portfolio is market-cap weighted.  One of the cryptocurrency exchanges that you may chose to store a portion of your digital assets in is Binance.  This article explains how to create a new Binance exchange account and connect it to your Cryptex portfolio.

We recommend that you create a new Binance account dedicated for Cryptex use, even if you are already a Binance user. This will keep automatic trading by Cryptex separate from your own trading, and allow you to gradually move your existing assets into your Cryptex portfolio.

To get started, load the Binance registration page in a new window, you will see a form like the following:

Enter your e-mail address in the first text box. If you are already a Binance user it is important that you use a different e-mail address to the one used to manage your existing Binance account.

Next, chose a password for your Binance account. It is important that you chose a secure password that you do not use for any other services, as you will be storing some of your digital assets in this exchange account. We recommend that you use a randomly generated password that you store in a password manager application (e.g. LastPass, 1Password or Trezor Password Manager).

After submitting the form you will be asked to solve a puzzle: Drag the slider until the puzzle piece exactly covers the empty space then release:

You will then be sent an e-mail to the address that you just entered. You must click the "Verify Email" button in the e-mail that you receive to activate your Binance account.  After you have verified your e-mail address, log in to your new Binance account using the password that you just selected:

The first time that you login to your new Binance account, you will be asked to read and acknowledge Binance's safety risk notices:

Check the box next to each item and then click "I understand, continue".

Next, Binance will offer to enable "two-factor authentication" (2FA) on your account.  Enabling 2FA means that in addition to your e-mail address and password, a one-time code generated by your mobile device is also required to login.  Requiring 2FA for logging in to your account is an important step in securing the digital assets that you will store at Binance.  Cryptex requires that you enable 2FA on your Binance account before you can connect it to the Cryptex Index Tracker.

At Cryptex, we recommend that you use "Google Authentication" as the codes generated by Google Authenticator are considered harder to intercept by hackers than codes sent by SMS Authentication.  However, either method adds valuable security beyond password and is an acceptable form of 2FA.  Click the "Google Authentication" button to continue.

If you don't already have the Google Authenticator app installed on your phone, install it using one of the links below:

Image result for app store download buttonImage result for app store download button

Load the Google Authenticator app on your phone, click the '+' button and scan the barcode shown on the Binance website.

Image result for scan QR code

Next, save a copy of the recovery key provided to you. We recommend that you write this on paper and store it in a safe. Do not store your recovery key in the password manager that you use to store your Binance password.

Finally--to verify that 2FA was setup correctly and that you have the correct details saved--enter the recovery key that you just wrote down, the Binance password that you selected earlier and a code generated by your Google Authenticator app:

Congratulations! You now have a well-secured Binance exchange account to store some or all of the assets in your Cryptex Index Tracker portfolio.  Next we will connect your Binance exchange account to your Cryptex account, you will do this by creating an "API key" within your Binance account.

Click the "Enable" button in the "API" section of your Binance account:

You will be asked to provide a name for the API key.  You can use any name, we recommend that you call the key "cryptex":

You will be asked to enter a code from your Google Authenticator app, and then will be sent a verification e-mail:

Click on the "Confirm Create" button in the verification e-mail that you receive.  You will then be shown an "API Key" and "API Secret":

Keep this browser window open; shortly you will need to copy and paste the API Key and API Secret from Binance into your Cryptex Index Tracker account.

Login to the Cryptex Index Tracker in a new browser window and then go to the "Connect Binance" page within the Cryptex Index Tracker account portal.  Paste the API Key and API Secret from the Binance page into the Cryptex Index Tracker page and then click "Connect Binance".

Congratulations! Your Binance exchange account is now connected to your Cryptex Index Tracker portfolio.  Any funds that you deposit into your Binance account will be continually and automatically reallocated to track the appropriate Cryptex index.